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Monday, June 3, 2013

Review: Dirty Dice

I bought the Dirty Dice more than a year ago and I think they are so cute.  I love that they come with a cute little bag (see picture below) that you can use for storage.  You can get them at for $5.99.  They are made by Classic Erotica and are rated as Top 10 in Love Games.

The dice as slightly larger than standard normal dice and are just plain fun to play with.  I think they a fun little
way to start some foreplay before you start getting heated up and forget about the game.  They are easy to store and because they come with the lovely little see-through bag, you do not need to worry about losing them.  They are travel friendly as you can fit them anywhere.  If you are a swinger, or are simply fine with sharing, friendly with a variety of people, or whatever it may be, it can be a cool slightly-more-adult version of spin the bottle.

For only $6 I love these dice, they are simple, fun for anyone and everyone, and are pretty darn cute. 

One of the dice says:

below waist
above waist
and ?

The other dice says: