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Monday, June 3, 2013

Review: Eden Toy and Body Wipes

I have received two of the Eden Toy and Body Wipes over the last year or so.  You can get the wipes for free with any order you make at  If you want to buy them, they are $4.99.  Why Anyone would want to buy them when you can get them for free is beyond me, but you can buy them.  You get 10 wipes per package and can be safely used on both the body and any toy material.  They are made by Eden Fantasys and are rated as Top 10 Cleaners and Wipes.  How they made Top 10 is beyond me, but I will get to that in a moment.

The top of the package has a cut out which is where the package opens.  Around the inner edge of the cut out of a sticky area that, when you put the cut out back in place, keeps the "lid" closed to keep the wipes moist and clean.  If you have seen baby wipes, then you know what I am talking about.

The wipes do not contain alcohol, are for external use only, and are hypo-allergenic.  They are also anti-microbial.  Ingrediates are as follows:  Water, Chlorhexidine, Glycerin, Aloe Extract, Vitamin E, Tea Tree Oil.  The wipes measure 7 1/2" in length and are 6 3/4" wide.

So, what do I think about these wipes?

I am not a fan of them and neither is my boyfriend.  I do not like to use them on myself because they make me feel gross and almost sticky.  It is a feeling I'm not sure how to describe but it is more like a slick, sticky feeling.  I will use them on my toys every now and then simply because I am sometimes too lazy or exhausted to get up and go clean them.  During these times I will use the wipes to give my toys a quick run down just to keep anything else from getting dirty and then go clean my toys off later.  I would NOT use these alone as a cleaner for my toys.  I make sure to use a better toy cleaner (a spray and not a wipes) or anti-bacterial soap and water.  If it were not for the fact that I can get these wipes for free, I would not have them, nor would I want to spend any money on them what so ever.  I would rather buy baby wipes.