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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Review: Sex and Mischief grey tie

I bought a Sex and Mischief grey tie for my friend a while back.  When I was browsing Eden Fantasys and I found the tie I knew I had to buy it for her because, at the time, she was obsessed with 50 Shades of Grey and I knew she would get a kick out of it.  After I gave her the tie she would always joke with me about how she has her own Christain Grey tie and I don't.  At this I obviously had to buy one for myself.  The tie is $8.99 and 30" in length.  It is satin and (somehow) made Top 50 in Wrist and Ankle cuffs (on 

In case you cannot read the captions I have on the pictures, I will include the writings below the pictures as well...

Inside texture/design

This loose thread is suppose to keep the bottom of the tie together.

Loose threat is stitched far apart.

More loose threads

This is how tight I can make the knot.

Knots are loose because of the satin material.

As you can see, you cannot make the tie (restraint) very tight and because of this I can easily slip out of the hold.  The thread holding the tie together is a joke; they are sloppy and are far and few between.  How the tie is staying together is beyond me because the thread looks awful.

I would not buy this again.  It is apparently more of a novelty item than anything else because it is pretty worthless.  And, to use it as a regular tie doesn't work too well for me either, it just looks sloppy.  If you want a tie, go to Walmart or where ever else you want to look and buy one there.  I cannot recommend this to anyone.