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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Blog Update

Never Too Shy Reviews is still underway on it's glam makeover.  If you have any ideas or suggestions, things you would like to see, etc., then please leave a comment letting me know!  I am working hard to get the site up to standards in a short time span and would like an input that anyone wants to offer up.




blueicegal said...

hey there! appreciate you contacting and following! your background is lovely, ill be looking forward to your reviews, welcome!! your going to love it, thanks for stopping by :)

Chas @ LLL said...

Aloha Never To Shy Reviews!=)

Hey blueicegal!=)

I am excited to see your blog form and progress! I seen your comment over at 808 Twilighters and since I am the only one of the handful of us that run that blog that's on book Blogs... you must have seen my post!=)

So actually, feel free to stop following that one. I am following via my personal blog.
Right now I have a 24 hr contest going and then another one (my first ever) come on over:

As per suggestions:
Definitely a Currently Reading section.
I am a big fan of music... so maybe a music widget if that;s your thing.

Hmmm, if you have any questions lmk. I am super new but would share anything I've learned=)


CallMeKayla said...

Thanks for commenting and for the suggestions. They will be taken into account. I am hoping to get the blog in order and have enough GCF by the end of May to start posting. I already have contacts, I just need to get the blog up to speed so I can transfer the reviews & giveaways over.

You can check out my other blogs as well if you wish; they are holding my current giveaways and reviews.

Simply Stacie said...

Kayla- I love the new blog!!! Great idea!