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Sunday, December 30, 2012

25% off Site Wide at EdenFantasys

EdenFantasys is having a holiday blow out sale!  You can save up to 70% off.  Plus, you can get 25% off when you use the code   


Monday, November 26, 2012

GoodVibes Holiday Gift Guide

Hello to my beautiful readers:

I just checked my inbox and found an email from advertising their new Holiday Gift Guide.  I took a quick look over it before I started writing this post and the list seems pretty good.  Actually, a few of the discreet vibes were already on my list of things to buy before I took a look at the list.  I will take a more detailed look at the list later but it looks good, so if you don't know what to get your other half (or for yourself) you might want to check out the list.

Happy shopping and I hope everyone had a Happy Turkey Day!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Looking for a Wand? Here are some good ones!

**I have only personally tried the Hitachi and Body Wand.**

Smart Wand

Body Wand

Mystic Wand

Coupons and Deals at EdenFantasys, Babeland, and Good Vibes

Hey guys, I just checked my email and I have some good deals for everyone.



Saturday, September 29, 2012

New Toys from LELO

Hey everyone, I just got an email from letting me know that LELO just came out with the Ina 2, Oden 2, and the Mona 2 and I wanted to let you guys know about them (even thought the prices on them are outrageous!)

Ina 2 is $159.

It is fully waterproof and made of soft silicone (one of my favorite materials).  It is supposed to be 100% stronger than the original Ina with eight vibration speeds and two motors.

The Oden 2 is $179.

Oden is a wireless couples ring that is waterproof, 50% stronger than the original Oden and you can now be 39 feet away (3 times the the wireless range than the original Oden) from the wireless remote control.

The Mona 2  is $139 and comes in pink and purple.  It is 100% stronger than the original Mona. It is also thicker shaft and a "refined tapered head".  And, like the rest of the new LELO toys, it is also waterproof.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sexy Halloween Costumes

Become a goddess wearing sexy and erotic lingerie from EdenFantasys

I have always wanted to go to a Halloween party since it is one of my favorite holidays.  Unfortunately, I never had any friends that had any and I'm not much of a party person to go seek one out.  I'm hoping that one of these days I will get to go to a Halloween party, but that day is not going to be this year.  Even so, I love looking at Halloween costumes and I know that even when I'm not attending, others are.  So, I thought I would share some sexy Halloween costumes with you guys that I found at Some of these outfits look more like costumes for the bedroom only, but others could be used for an actual outfit.


This one is $41.99 and you can find it here.

This one is $46.99 and it is the Fairy Tale Princess costume.  The apple she is holding comes with the outfit and works as a small bag. It should be just big enough to carry a cell phone, maybe some tampons if needed, lip stick, etc.
This is one of the costumes that I was saying is a bedroom costume and not a Halloween costume, but it is in the Halloween category, so I thought that I would show you what I meant by the bedroom costumes.

It is $16.99 if anyone is interested, and you can get it here.

I personally think the "Alice" costume is pretty cute, although as I am not a size 5, I probably couldn't pull it off very well.  If I did get it though, I would probably substitute the cute thigh highs that it comes with and wear black nylons, because I have thicker thighs and I would feel more comfortable covering them up a bit more.  Either way, I think it is pretty cute and Eden  has a lot of other cute outfits that you can check out here.

Leave me a comment below if you find another outfit at Eden Fantasys that you guys like!

Discount at Babeland

The holiday season is coming up soon.  If you are thinking about buying yourself a little gift, or maybe your friend or significant other (and you plan on spending some big bucks) you will want to use this code:

If you spend $125 or more at you can get $25 off if you use the code SAVE25

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Here are a few new deals for you

Here are a few deals and bits of info from that just came out of my inbox..

  • If you buy the Ina 2 from LELO, then you can get a FREE bottle (2.5 oz) of LELO Personal Moisturizer Lube.

Another bit of info from my inbox... Babeland sent an email showing a few mens toys for those of you who (like me) don't look too often at the mens toys.

Fleshlight Flight

The new Fleshlight Flight is a more compact and discreet version of the original  Fleshlight.                                                                                                                                                                                         

Duet Cock Ring


Add some zing to your sex life - for both parties at once, believe it or not - with the vibrating Duet Cock Ring.

Give your backside a boost with Boosty, a comfortable, ultra pleasurable butt plug for those experienced in the art of anal play.

That's all I have for today.  If any of this information interested you, let me know down below in the comments section, that way I'll know if you guys want me to keep posting this information for you. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Get 25% off at Babeland

Hello my beautiful readers!

I just wanted to let you all know that I just received an email from, and if you take their survey (it takes about 5 minutes) then you can get a 25% off discount to use on your next purchase.

Fall Customer Survey from Babeland!  Take the survey and receive 25% OFF to be used one-time at


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sales @ EdenFantasys

These expire on Sep. 7th!!

Save 20% off sitewide @ Eden Fantasys


Expires September 7th

Friday, August 31, 2012

Review: Bondage Rope

Tie me up, tie me down - you'll have no problem getting knotty with this Bondage Rope. Soft, solid-braid multi filament polypropylene rope feels great against the skin, while holding knots perfectly without slipping. There's no need to sacrifice quality for comfort, as sturdy Bondage Rope feels silky while resisting tearing or fraying. Pair it with an instructional book like Two Knotty Boys Showing you the Ropes, and you'll be a rope bondage expert in no time at all. send me the Bondage Rope to try out and I thought it was a nice little mix up in the bedroom.  I like being tied up anyway, but it was nice to be able to be take this with us where ever we decided to go in the room instead of being bound to the bed (no pun intended) where I usually end up getting tied up.  If you're a beginner, you might want to try out this rope because it is nice and gentle on the skin.

You can see the very faint lines on my wrist in the picture.  I got these because I wanted to see how the ropes felt when being pulled against.  When I touched the rope, I didn't find it all that soft; however, as you can see from the faint lines, it does what the description says: it doesn't pull at your skin, it doesn't hurt like a normal rope would, and it is pretty comfortable.  

To see how comfortable the ropes would be, I told my boyfriend to slip the rope around my wrist (in a slip knot) and told him to pull as hard as he could until I told him to stop (when it became too uncomfortable).  Now, keep in mind that my guy is built.  As in, I can lift up to 500 lbs. built.  I know he was holding back some because he was afraid to hurt me, but he said he wasn't holding back.  Anyway, he tugged and pulled on the rope for a good minute or so and it actually didn't hurt like I would have thought it would have.  Now, yes, I will admit I have a pretty huge pain tolerance, but it really didn't bug me at all.  In the end, I told him he could stop pulling at the rope because it was starting to hurt, but he was pulling with all his might, so keep that in mind.  But, as you can see from the pictures, my wrist isn't red or irritated looking.

The rope is $18.00 and 25 feet long.

**I received this item in order to write a real and honest review.  I was not paid to paid to write this review.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.**

Review: Body Wand was nice enough to send me this awesome wand to try out, and oh is it awesome....

This plug-in Bodywand vibrator is a modern version of the classic wand vibrator: the perfect toy to spice up masturbation sessions or add strong, adjustable vibration to partnered play. If you like a slow build, this vibrator's a terrific choice given that it's always ready (no batteries) to offer unlimited continuous vibration. Designed with subdued sound and a one-finger control wheel, this toy is intuitive and easy-to-use. An assortment of attachments can add sensation to your experience.

The bodywand is $79.00

Size: 12-1/2" x 2-1/4"
  • Material: Silicone and ABS Plastic
  • Voltage: 110-240v — adapter (not included) needed for international use.

So, what did I think of it?

The first time I used it I didn't care for it too much.  I just felt like it wasn't enough.  I've used it quite a few times after that though and I have definitely changed my mind.  If you can see from the picture, the on/off switch is controlled not by a switch, but with a lovely rolling speed adjuster.  Well, actually this can be amazing and not so great at the same time.  I say not so great because my boyfriend thinks it's 'funny' to tease me by putting on low.  And, by low, I mean it is  barely vibrating.  This really sucks when you're tied up and cannot make him boost up the vibes.  

Anywho, the vibrations are really strong which I of course love about it.  The design is nice and I use the box it came in for storage.  (I just twirl the cord together where the marks already are from the packaging and put it back in the box like such.  That way the cord on it doesn't get messed up.)

I do think the price ($79) is pricey, but in the end it's probably worth it.  Still, I would hold off buying this until Babeland has a sale on the wand or has coupon codes available.  Even with the price though, I recommend getting this baby.  One of the best things about the Body Wand too, is that beginners (that is, the people to heavy duty vibrators that might not be able to take the full force of it) can use a lower setting if they prefer.  It offers a nice ramp up for those of us who love the heavy vibrations too.

I love this baby :)

**I received this item in order to write a real and honest review.  I was not paid to paid to write this review.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.**

Coupon codes for Eden Fantasys


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20% off for email subscribers

Hey guys

I just checked my email and found a little something for you all...  If you are a subscriber to then you can get 20% off your order if you use the code


My email said that you must be an email subscriber to get the discount though, so if you don't get Babeland's newsletter, sign up to get your 20% off.  


Saturday, August 11, 2012

20% off at EdenFantasys

You can score 20% off site-wide at  right now.  Just use the code 

I'm sorry, the code had expired, but you can still get 15% off your whole purchase if you use my affiliate code:

You can also get 20% off all Lelo toys by using the code

Happy shopping! : )

I want to play dress up

I learned something yesterday.  My boyfriend thinks that I look really hot in my professional attire.  (I have to  wear business clothes to school.)  We were talking in bed one night and he mentioned that he liked when I wore my school clothes.  Now, he had only seen me once in my school clothes, and that day didn't count because it was the end of the day and I looked pretty bad.  He gave me a look like I was crazy and told me I looked "damn hot" and that he couldn't wait to see what I look like then when I consider myself to be looking nice.

Become a goddess wearing sexy and erotic lingerie from EdenFantasys
This made me think and now I want to get some outfits of another variety.  I want to find something that looks nice and professional, but also allows me to show some skin and look really sexy.  I was checking out and found a few cute outfits, but I would like your help in picking one out before I buy it.

Ok, so a here are a few of the outfits that I liked:

Gothic Schoolgirl  I like the outfit only on this one, I would just wear the top and skirt.  I wouldn't go for the whole get up.

Crisscross Halter Dress  This one is definitely one of my favorites.

Bombshell Lace up Dress  I like this one because it gives you the idea of a dress but it's obviously not and it's hot.

EdenFantasys has a lot of great choices, but that doesn't mean I can buy them all; that would become very expensive.  So, I need your help deciding which one to buy!!  I know my boyfriend would like any of them, but I don't know which one to pick.  Please comment below and tell me which one I should get.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

20% off at Babeland

At July is customer appreciation month (for all month long you get these great deals!!).

Start shopping because I have a coupon code:

Customer Appreciation Sale - 20% OFF* - use code CA2012 at checkout


FREE SHIPPING for orders $75 and up all month long!!


**This is not sponsored.  I'm just telling you to tell you.  I love saving money as much as the next person!**

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Eden Fantasys

I think it is pretty safe to say that I love sex toys.  I have a wonderful stock that I and my boyfriend love to play with.  And, while I have a nice sized arsenal at my disposure, I love browsing for and buying more.  Last week, I was browsing with my guy and we added a few different things to my wish list.  He really likes the stimulation gel that we already have (and are almost out of), so I wanted to look for some new ones that we might like.  I wanted to share with you guys a few of the ones I found even though I haven't tried them yet...

There is one in particular that I am really excited to try.  It's by System Jo and it's called Wild clitoral stimulation gel.  They have it in Wild, Mild, and Light.  Very obviously, I am going for the wild 

I found another one by System Jo and this one is for couples, it's called 2 to Tango and it's supposed to prolong and enhance stimulation.  It is $24.99, which sounds a little steep to me, but it has 2 bottles so I think I'm going to end up getting it.  If I do, I will definitely write up a review and let you guys know what I think of it.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Review: Babeland Edible Body Chocolate

Babeland is a great provider of sex toys. They offer a wide assortment for both males and females. From sexy clothing, to lubes, dildos and more, Babeland is sure to have it!

Paint a seductive message on your lover's skin with Babeland Edible Body Chocolate, and lick them clean - that is, if you're not tempted to eat the whole jar with a spoon first. We promise, it really is that good! We taste-tested many versions before choosing this delicious, rich spread of organic dark chocolate. The ingredients are vegan, all-natural/organic, fair trade, and just plain yummy. Whether you're a chocolate lover, a holiday gift-giver, or a garden-variety sensualist, give Babeland Edible Body Chocolate a try. Note: this product has an 18-month shelf life. Store in a cool place, and mix well before use. If product has hardened, place jar in a bowl of warm water to soften, or microwave for ten seconds and mix. description taken from here.

The chocolate comes in two sizes - 2 oz. and 4 oz.  The 2 oz. is $12 and the 4 oz. is $22.  This sounds steep, but it tastes so good.  At the first lick, all I could think of was that it would taste amazing if some coconut was sprinkled on top of it.  The consistency is perfect in the fact that it is runny enough to glide over the skin easily, but it isn't going to run all over  and make a mess either.  I really like this chocolate, and it will last a while too.  Like I said, it glides over the skin pretty easily, so you don't really need to use too much at a time to cover an area.  I know the price sounds pretty big for this, but I have to recommend it, it really is awesome!

Ingredients: Sugar, Organic Cocoa Powder, Safflower Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Cocoa Butter, Vanilla

**I received this item in order to write a real and honest review.  I was not paid to paid to write this review.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.**

Review: Trustex Multiflavored Condoms

Babeland is a great provider of sex toys. They offer a wide assortment for both males and females. From sexy clothing, to lubes, dildos and more, Babeland is sure to have it!

Ultra-thin and FDA approved, these multi-flavored lubricated latex condoms provide a safe-sex alternative for those who dislike the taste of latex. Assorted flavors, such as Strawberry, Mint, Banana, Chocolate, Grape, Cola, Vanilla, and more! description taken from here.

Babeland sent me one of the Strawberry Trustex condoms to review.  As soon as my boyfriend opened the Trustex Multiflavored Condom, I could smell the strawberry, which actually smelled pretty good.  Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to taste it though because I just got my tongue pierced a little under 2 weeks ago and I have to wait for it to heal.

Another unfortunate thing, the condom was thick enough that my boyfriend said he couldn't feel a thing.  I saw the product description and thought these would be great since it said they were ultra-thin, but they ended up being a bust instead.  All in all, I can't recommend these based on my experience.

 Assorted flavors: Strawberry, Mint, Banana, Chocolate, Grape, Cola, Vanilla, and more!

Singles are $1
3 pack - $3
6 pack - $6
12 pack - $12

**I received this item in order to write a real and honest review.  I was not paid to paid to write this review.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.**

Pop Plug giveaway winner

(I apologize for not posting this sooner, the giveaway ended on May 1st and the winner has already been contacted and in touch.)

And the winner is...

Logo Design by

Logo Design by

Congrads!  I big thank you to our giveaway sponsor as well, THANK YOU BABELAND!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Giveaway: Pop Plug

Babeland is so awesome that they are going to give someone a (1) Pop Plug in any size they want!  (small, medium, or large)  Do see what size you would need to pick, go read my review of the pop plug

**I was not paid to host this giveaway.  For questions, please visit the FAQ page or the Disclaimer page.**

Review: Pop Plug

Explore the myriad joys of anal play with the perfectly sized and shaped Pop Plugs! All three sizes of this pink butt plug (small, medium, and large) feature a narrow tip that graduates into a bulbous middle: perfect for that sought-after feeling of fullness. The narrow neck keeps the plug from popping out at an inopportune moment, and the ring on the end—aside from being adorable—makes removal a snap. And of course, these pliable silicone toys are boilable and body-friendly. If you’ve always wanted to try anal play, or if you’re looking for the next step up, what are you waiting for? Pop one in! description taken from here.

The pop plugs come in 3 sizes:

  • Small: 1" x 1-4/5"                 $15.00
  • Medium: 1-1/4" x 2-1/2"      $18.00
  • Large: 1-1/2" x 2-1/2"          $21.00

Babeland sent me a pop plug to review in the large size.  To me, the sizing was great, and I'm not all that familiar with plugs to begin with.  I really liked how soft the plug was and the fact that you can boil it to sanitize it.

The plug is made out of silicone, which means that it loves to collect lint, but besides that, I am liking this plug so far.  The large size is $21, but honestly, I think that is a pretty good price when you think about it.  Sex toys can be pricey to begin with, so I thought this was an average price for a nice toy.

Yes, I would recommend the Pop Plug, but be careful when you choose your size, don't get something too small, or it won't stay in!

To win your own Pop Plug, click here to enter my giveaway!

**I received this item in order to write a real and honest review.  I was not paid to paid to write this review.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.**

EdenFantasys has Eos

 is the place I go to buy my sex toys, but I am now going to start hitting up their website even more often because EF is now selling Eos!  Eos is an amazing skin care brand.

Organic Lip Balm from Eos

 About a month ago I bought the Eos Organic Lip Balm in Sweet Mint from EF for $7.99.  I love it!  It is super moisturizing, smells and tastes amazing, and I think the design is really cool too.  My boyfriend even loves the lip balm so much that he now has one too.

Personally, I think the design of the lip balm is pretty cool, but if you prefer the regular (stick form) style of lip balm, then you can also get the lip balm in the stick form from Eden too (they call it a 'smooth stick').

EdenFantasys is carrying other Eos products too now, so I am super stoked to get more of the Eos products.  Eden has their body lotion, hand lotion, and shave cream.

Complete care hand and body lotion

Eden has 3 different kinds of the Eos hand & body lotion: Revitalizing Care, Active Care, and Complete Care.  The lotions are 97% natural, hypoallergenic, and paraben, lanolin, and phthalate free.  

 All of the hand & body lotions come in 12 oz. bottles and are $10.99

I really hope you guys try out the Eos products, because they really are amazing, if you don't believe me, you can go read reviews on the products on