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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Review: Wizard

I bought my Wizard from Eden Fantasys a few weeks back and I love it.  It is made of glass which means that any type of lube can be used with it, it is safe for everyone (non-porous, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, latex-free and phthalate-free), and great for temperature play.  It holds the temperature for quite a long time and when it comes to using lube, you only need the tiniest amount to use with glass. When cleaning glass you can use soap and water, toy spray, boil it for 3-5 minutes, or simply toss it in the dish washer.

The Wizard is $25 and completely worth it.  Not only is it gorgeous, but it also is an amazing dildo.  I may be a little bias when I say that simply because I love glass toys.  You can use glass both for vaginal stimulation and for anal.  The wizard is great for anal since it has a tapered end as well as those amazing pumps/bulges.  As you can see from the picture, the Wizard is a beautiful amber color.  In person, the color is slightly darker, making it a rich amber.  It is 7 inches in length and can be inserted up to 6 inches.  Wizard is 4 inches in circumference and 1 1/4 inches in diameter.

Both ends of Wizard can be used, each giving a different sensation.  Personally, I like to use the bulbous end because it hits my g-spot perfectly and I like to feel a little stretched.  The tapered end felt wonderful as well, but I did not feel the same fullness that the bulbous end gave me.  The Wizard is completely smooth with no lines or grooves whatsoever which only makes the pleasure, as well as the appearance, better.

The dildo comes with a red drawstring pouch for storage.  However, it is not padded so if you are going to store it in the pouch, make sure you do not put it by any toys that are glass or metals; if the Wizard were to slam into the other toys, it may crack or break.  Discard if any cracks appear.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Review: Tickle Her Pink clitoral pleasure gel

I bought a bottle of Tickle Her Pink a couple of weeks back when Eden Fantasys did not have my favorite gel in stock.  I decided to try something new rather than wait who knows how long to get it back in stock.  This particular bottle was $12 so I decided to give this one a try.  It is water based and the taste (the only one offered) is Orange / Peppermint.  It sounds like a funky combination but you can't taste much of anything and what you do taste is mint.  It does have a slight minty smell, but that is about it. 

It is a cooling gel that is thin in consistency and does not get sticky.  I did have to re-apply it multiple times and, even with re-application, the gel did not do much for me.  I have tried several gels and arousal lubes in the past and this is one I would not buy again even if it went on sale for $1.

I can barely feel any tingling sensation.  All I can feel is a low/mild cooling effect which is less effective than a lube (because at least I do not have to re-apply lube as often).  I did not care for the Tickle Her Pink at all.

On the plus side, the bottle does not leak and can stand up in your drawer/toy box to save room for your other goodies.


Hamamelisdacea hamamelis virginiana L, Propylene Glycol, Arginine, Ornithine, Turnera Diffusa Leaf Extract, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange Fruit Extract), Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice

Review: Fairy Mini Wand Massager

It is a wand and it plugs into the wall rather than batteries.  Need I say more?  These two components basically say it all to me, this baby rocks. 

I bought my wand at Eden Fantasys quite a while back and it is my mini baby (I call my Hitachi my baby so this is my "mini" baby).  The Fairy Mini Wand come only in pink/white and is 10 inches long, 5/3 inches in circumference and 1 3/4 inches in diameter.  The wall cord is 4 1/2 feet long.  I would have liked it to be a bit longer, but I can either make due or break out the extension cord.  It is made of PVC and plastic, is hypo-allergenic, latex free, phthalates free.  $55

 As you can (hopefully) see from the picture, the wand is turned on/off and speeds are adjusted all by the same dial located in the middle of the shaft.  To operate, you roll the dial just as you do with a computer mouse. I prefer the dials much more than a button as a button will give you specific settings and a dial lets you get "in-between" settings that buttons do not allow.

By reading enough of my reviews you already know I am a power hog, I need a little more power to get off.  This baby does it and so much more.  I easily compare it to the Hitachi and the Body Wand (EdenFantasys does not carry the Body Wand).  The sound level is about the same as those wands as well, which means that you may be able to hear it through a closed door if you have super hearing.  I personally cannot hear it unless my hear is smashed to the door.  This probably is not a toy to get if you live in a dorm room.

The head of the wand is solid, it is not in the least bit squishy or have give.  But, that really does not matter, especially when it sends out the rockin' vibrations.  The vibes are really powerful, as I said before, I can easily compare it to the Hitachi and Body Wand.

The wand is not used for internal stimulation.  However, you can always buy attachments for the Mini.  My clitoris screams in pleasure as soon as this baby hits it.  My boyfriend knows, if he wants me to be still while he uses this on me, then he has to tie me to the bed, because that is the only way he will get me from shooting off the bed.  You can use it as an actual massager but I do not think it feels overly good.  To use for my muscles, the vibrations do not penetrate enough for me to waste the time and energy to bring the massager out for that purpose.  If I wanted to sooth my muscles, then I would give the puppy dog face to my boyfriend until he would give me a real massage.

When I clean my Fairy Mini, I use a handkerchief (I prefer using these instead of other cloth / towels because they do not leave lint residue) and toy cleaner.  I give the handkerchief a three or four sprays then wipe down the head of the toy. 

I love this wand just as much as I adore my others.  5 stars to the makers of the Mini!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Review: EdenFantasys Tote Bag

I love the EdenFantasys Tote Bag!  It is so cute and is a pretty good size.  When I saw that it is $2 I thought that it must be really small but, when it came in the mail, I was really surprised at how big it is for the price.  It is 15 1/2 inches in length, 15 inches in height, and 15/  4/1/2 inches wide.  It is a shiny heavy duty bag and comes in the one color/style which is shown above.  I am not aware of the material it is made out of.

The tote is great because I can use it as a grocery bag (if I decide to not be so shy about taking it with me!), carry extra clothes for the gym, use it as a beach bag, etc.  This is great bag to use for the beach because of the material, you do not need to worry about it getting dirty (wipe it down with a wet cloth if needed) or having sand stuck in it.  This is definitely not made to be a purse as the straps as too short.

I still cannot believe that this bag is only $2.  I am going to buy several to start handing out to my friends because I know they will love them.  I adore the pattern on the back of the bag, I think it looks great and very stylish.  The only thing I can want more regarding this tote bag is different sizes.  I would love to have a smaller bag in the same shape/pattern because I think it would be really cute to use them as gift bags when I give EF goodies to my friends.

Review: Fantasy Bondage Tape

About four months back I bought Fantasy Bondage Tape from Eden Fantasys.  It comes in red or black and is $10.  The tape is made of PVC. 

This is what I love about the tape: (1) it does not stick to your skin and (2) it is re-usable.  The tape sticks only to itself so my skin and hair is not pulled when the tape comes off.  It says in place really well and can be reused many many times.  I have reused my tape several times and it is like new.  All you have to do is remember to wrap the tape around the tape roll after you are done using it and you will be able to use it again. 

It is fast and easy to take off but be careful of wrapping it too tight.  The tape, while it doesn't stretch, is just pliable enough to "tie" it really tight.  Just make sure you don't cut off your circulation. There is quite a bit of tape on the roll and I think it will take me a good amount of time to go through all of it (after several uses you may want to use a new piece of tape to get a better hold).

I have heard from a few people that the tape does not create a very strong hold and is more for light bondage play.  However, my boyfriend decided to use a lot more than was actually necessary (which meant the tape was wrapped around my hands at least 10-12 times) and the tape was not about to budge even through I was fighting it.

I like using the tape because it works, is cheap, reusable, reliable, and convenient.  For $10, this is a pretty good deal.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Review: Hearts Leather Whip (flogger)

I bought my Hearts Leather Whip from Eden Fantasys a little over 2 years ago.  It is $59.99 but I think it was cheaper when I bought 2 years ago.  When you see the flogger up-close though and see the quality and smell the amazing scent of the fresh leather, then you will realize it is well worth the $60.

It is made of leather and metal completes the toy with the slight details on the handle and end hook (as you can see above).  The color you see above the only one offered and is 20 1/2 inches long and 1 inch wide.  At a 1/2 pound, the flogger is very light in your hand and easy to grip with the width of the handle.  The D ring at the butt of the handle is used to hang up your toy so that it can say in its natural straight form and otherwise stay clean. 

I am not sure if this has happened to any one else that has purchased the toy but, my flogger did not have the hearts on the handle, my flogger was a straight black.  At first I was disappointed because I thought it looked so cute with the hearts, but now I am happy that it came to me straight black.  The hearts lightened up the toy a bit, and without the hearts, it makes it less "cheerful" looking and a bit more intimidating (if that makes sense).

I have to say it again, I melt at the smell of the leather.  It smells so good, and it still holds the scent as powerfully as it did the day I received it in the mail.  Every time I bring out the flogger the first thing I have to do (it really is a compulsion) is shove my nose into the leather strips and take a few deep inhalations. 

The flogger is great for newbies because it is so light weight and can create a nice little sting (it doesn't get too intense, it creates light sensations).  I would not use "intense" or "pain" in the same sentence with regards to this flogger.  It is light sensation and a nice little teasing warm up that I do so love.  If you are looking for pain, you should go look elsewhere but, if you are looking to try something out (and don't wait to tempt pain) then choosing the Hearts Leather Whip would be a very good option for you.

***This is NOT a whip, this is a FLOGGER.  Why they label it as a "whip" I have no clue and it is slightly annoying to me.

Review: EdenFantasys Vibrating Ring

I gotten several of EdenFantasys Vibrating Rings over the last year or so.  If it were not for the fact that I can get one free with every order, then I probably wouldn't have bought or tried one.  The ring is a cock ring, worn by the man and made for both of your pleasure.

His Pleasure
The ring is made to constrict blood flow to keep the blood in the shaft of the penis.  This makes the erect penis harder and (slightly) larger.  The constricted blood flow makes the penis more sensitive.  It also helps delay and heighten orgasm. 

Her Pleasure
Since the man's penis slightly more engorged (bigger), then it adds a little extra to your sensations as well (obviously).  With the vibrating ring, every time he is all the way to the hilt, the mini vibrator attached to the ring will touch your clitoris, making it even more enjoyable.

The EF ring is $5.99 and is good for one time use.  It has up to 30 minutes of vibration and has instruction on how to use the toy on the back of the foil packet.  As you can see from the picture, the ring is clear and the mini vibrator inside the ring is a pinkish-purple.  It is made of TPR silicone and is hypo-allergenic, latex free, and phthalates free.  Fully stretched the ring is 4 inches in diameter and un-stretched it is 1/2 inch in diameter.

I like that the ring is made for one time usage.  That means take off and throw away, no cleaning, no mess, no hassle.  It is made of silicone so if you are using a lube, remember that you can only use water based.   The ring is very stretchy so it can fit around your dude's junk and dildos of any size (if you want to use it on your own).  The vibrations aren't super strong but they aren't completely weak either.  For me (a power hog) the vibrations did not do much, but if you are more sensitive then it will probably work for you. The ring is actually pretty quiet too.  Overall, this is not a bad toy if you are getting it for free, I'm not sure if I would pay $6 for a disposable toy though.  That said, I (personally) would not buy it simply because my boyfriend is not a fan of rings. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Review: Crazy Girl Lip Balm

Before I start the review I would like to say that no, this is not an adult product, it is simply a lip balm/chap stick.  You can give this to anyone of any age, although, I do not think guys would like a chap stick that says Crazy Girl...  Everyone gets chapped lips, both from normal circumstances and sometimes other factors come into play as well.  OK, on to the review!

The Crazy Girl chap stick is $6.99 at which I know is pretty steep for a tube of chap stick.  It is manufactured by Classic Erotica and I have listed the ingredients below:
Octinoxate (7%), Oxybenzone (4%), Vitamine E, Aloe Vera OTHER INGREDIENTS?  There is a number listed on the chap stick to call if you want the complete list of ingredients.
It smells a bit sweet and leaves your lips feeling as averagely smooth and moisturized as any regular chap stick.  It does leave a somewhat waxy feeling on your lips before it absorbs, it did not bother me that much but I know a lot of people that would not like that feeling.  Plus side?  It has SPF 15.  Although, most chap sticks have SPF now a days...

Would I buy it again? No.  It is too expensive for a regular tube of chap stick.  I'll stick to my EOS lip balm thank you very much. 

Review: Sex and Mischief grey tie

I bought a Sex and Mischief grey tie for my friend a while back.  When I was browsing Eden Fantasys and I found the tie I knew I had to buy it for her because, at the time, she was obsessed with 50 Shades of Grey and I knew she would get a kick out of it.  After I gave her the tie she would always joke with me about how she has her own Christain Grey tie and I don't.  At this I obviously had to buy one for myself.  The tie is $8.99 and 30" in length.  It is satin and (somehow) made Top 50 in Wrist and Ankle cuffs (on 

In case you cannot read the captions I have on the pictures, I will include the writings below the pictures as well...

Inside texture/design

This loose thread is suppose to keep the bottom of the tie together.

Loose threat is stitched far apart.

More loose threads

This is how tight I can make the knot.

Knots are loose because of the satin material.

As you can see, you cannot make the tie (restraint) very tight and because of this I can easily slip out of the hold.  The thread holding the tie together is a joke; they are sloppy and are far and few between.  How the tie is staying together is beyond me because the thread looks awful.

I would not buy this again.  It is apparently more of a novelty item than anything else because it is pretty worthless.  And, to use it as a regular tie doesn't work too well for me either, it just looks sloppy.  If you want a tie, go to Walmart or where ever else you want to look and buy one there.  I cannot recommend this to anyone.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Review: Dirty Dice

I bought the Dirty Dice more than a year ago and I think they are so cute.  I love that they come with a cute little bag (see picture below) that you can use for storage.  You can get them at for $5.99.  They are made by Classic Erotica and are rated as Top 10 in Love Games.

The dice as slightly larger than standard normal dice and are just plain fun to play with.  I think they a fun little
way to start some foreplay before you start getting heated up and forget about the game.  They are easy to store and because they come with the lovely little see-through bag, you do not need to worry about losing them.  They are travel friendly as you can fit them anywhere.  If you are a swinger, or are simply fine with sharing, friendly with a variety of people, or whatever it may be, it can be a cool slightly-more-adult version of spin the bottle.

For only $6 I love these dice, they are simple, fun for anyone and everyone, and are pretty darn cute. 

One of the dice says:

below waist
above waist
and ?

The other dice says:


Review: Eden Toy and Body Wipes

I have received two of the Eden Toy and Body Wipes over the last year or so.  You can get the wipes for free with any order you make at  If you want to buy them, they are $4.99.  Why Anyone would want to buy them when you can get them for free is beyond me, but you can buy them.  You get 10 wipes per package and can be safely used on both the body and any toy material.  They are made by Eden Fantasys and are rated as Top 10 Cleaners and Wipes.  How they made Top 10 is beyond me, but I will get to that in a moment.

The top of the package has a cut out which is where the package opens.  Around the inner edge of the cut out of a sticky area that, when you put the cut out back in place, keeps the "lid" closed to keep the wipes moist and clean.  If you have seen baby wipes, then you know what I am talking about.

The wipes do not contain alcohol, are for external use only, and are hypo-allergenic.  They are also anti-microbial.  Ingrediates are as follows:  Water, Chlorhexidine, Glycerin, Aloe Extract, Vitamin E, Tea Tree Oil.  The wipes measure 7 1/2" in length and are 6 3/4" wide.

So, what do I think about these wipes?

I am not a fan of them and neither is my boyfriend.  I do not like to use them on myself because they make me feel gross and almost sticky.  It is a feeling I'm not sure how to describe but it is more like a slick, sticky feeling.  I will use them on my toys every now and then simply because I am sometimes too lazy or exhausted to get up and go clean them.  During these times I will use the wipes to give my toys a quick run down just to keep anything else from getting dirty and then go clean my toys off later.  I would NOT use these alone as a cleaner for my toys.  I make sure to use a better toy cleaner (a spray and not a wipes) or anti-bacterial soap and water.  If it were not for the fact that I can get these wipes for free, I would not have them, nor would I want to spend any money on them what so ever.  I would rather buy baby wipes.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Review: Duotone Orgasm Balls

Video recap:

The Duotone Orgasm Balls come only in pink/white.
These are $7.99 and I bought them at Eden Fantasys.
Material: The balls are plastic and the cord/string is nylon.
The balls are smooth except for grove which connects the two halves of each ball.
Food-grade material
Latex free
Phthalates free
Length: 8 1/2"
Insertable length: 6"
Circumference per ball: 4 1/8"
Diameter per ball: 1 7/8"
Weight: 0.2 lb (Each ball weighs 0.1 lb.)

My Opinion:

I did not like them.  I could not feel anything and felt that they did not do anything.  They did not help strengthen my vaginal muscles, nor were they "pleasurable" as they are told to be.  If I had not put them in myself, then I would have never thought they were there.  I tried walking, jogging, squats, etc. and I could not feel anything nor did they work.