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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Review: Duotone Orgasm Balls

Video recap:

The Duotone Orgasm Balls come only in pink/white.
These are $7.99 and I bought them at Eden Fantasys.
Material: The balls are plastic and the cord/string is nylon.
The balls are smooth except for grove which connects the two halves of each ball.
Food-grade material
Latex free
Phthalates free
Length: 8 1/2"
Insertable length: 6"
Circumference per ball: 4 1/8"
Diameter per ball: 1 7/8"
Weight: 0.2 lb (Each ball weighs 0.1 lb.)

My Opinion:

I did not like them.  I could not feel anything and felt that they did not do anything.  They did not help strengthen my vaginal muscles, nor were they "pleasurable" as they are told to be.  If I had not put them in myself, then I would have never thought they were there.  I tried walking, jogging, squats, etc. and I could not feel anything nor did they work.