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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Review: Coochy Rash Free Shave Creme

Don't you hate when you shave and you end up with bumps, or a rash, or even stubbles that your razor won't get?  I'm talking about anywhere on your body.  For me, it's my underarms.  I have really dark underarm hair and no matter how many angles, directions, and blades on my razor, I always have little bumps and dark stubbles that just drive me insane.

So, I was extremely excited to review Coochy Cream from the Adult Toy Shoppe, a great sex toy provider.  Coochy Cream is made for shaving the pubic area, but it can be used anywhere on the body, even as conditioner for the hair on your head!  It comes in a nice plastic bottle with a squirt pump, and you only need about 1 pump per use.  

Get the soft rash-free skin that you have always dreamt of. Especially made for shaving the pubic area. Infused with green tea, used by the Chinese for centuries for medicinal purposes. Featuring a pleasant, soothing aroma that lingers on the skin even long after use.  Designed for all skin types, perfect to soften coarse hair, that is why Coochy shave cream is perfect for shaving pubic hair. Also can be used for underarms as it is skin softening and protects the skin against razor nicks and scrapes.   Be sure to let it sit on the skin for about 3-5 minutes before shaving so the specialized ingredients can have time to soak into the skin and soften the hair before shaving, preventing a rash and ingrown hairs. description taken from here.

Even though the product is called a "cream", it isn't.  It's a silky, almost runny texture, that feels slick like soap without the suds.  Just take one pump and rub it together in your hands then apply it directly to the area you want to shave.  Directions say to let it sit for 3-5 minutes, but I only left mine on for a minute or 2 and it worked great!  No pumps, no rashes, nada.  It smells pretty good too, though I cannot place the scent.

Though it adds an extra minute or two to my shower routine, I would not go without it again.  I love this stuff.  My underarms are silky smooth and I feel great knowing I can toss my arms into the air and not worry about unsightly stubble.

An 8oz. bottle of Coochy Cream is $12.99 or you can get a 1 oz. bottle for $3.99

**I did not get paid for this post.  I recieve a free 8 ounce bottle of Coochy Cream in order to procure a real and honest review.**