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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Review: Touch Me Erotic Massage Game for Couples

I love Good Vibes.  They have an awesome selection of sex toys to chose from.  Their site is clean and mellow, and I just like the customer service they provide.  They are one of my top favorite online sex toy stores to frequent.

Add a little romance, unpredictability, and sensuous excitement to your relationship with this ingenious deck of cards that lead you into delicious experiences of erotic touch. Easy and fun to play and a great way to add creativity and spice to a relationship, you'll touch, rub, relax and excite one another. For two players (or more, if you're feeling really frisky!).
description taken from here.

Good Vibes sent me the Touch Me card game to review.  It comes with 54 glossy cards to play with and one rule book so you know how to play.  There are 3 categories when playing, yellow, orange and red.

Yellow- “Warm-up Massages”
Orange- “That Feels Really Really Good Massages”
Red-  “Hot and Full Blown Heat Massages.”

There are 9 cards for each group and there is 1 duplicate card in every group.  So, that's a good number of different massages for you and your partner to try out and have fun with.

You start the game as a memory game (like when you were little) matching up the cards (you keep the pairs).  Then, you pick out your top 3 (your favorites) cards.  Pick one yellow, one orange, and one red.  The, hand the cards to your partner who will use them as a "massage plan" on you.  Let the fun begin, yeah?

Ummm.. maybe.  Some times you don't always come out with a 3 card plan.  How?  Don't ask me, I lost track a time or two.  But, that's the fact, sometimes you don't get a 3 card plan.  Anyways, some of the cards are detailed, explaining techniques you can use, etc.  Some of the cards, however, are a lot less detailed.  Some will just give suggestions or helpful tips on how to choose massage oils, or how to romantically light the room, etc.

So, for $10, this game wouldn't be a total waste.  It could be some fun, help lighten things up, help get in the mood, whatever.  The point is, you would be together and trying to have some fun.  Now, that sounds like a good plan to me.  Overall, though, I don't know how often I'll get these cards out...

**I received a free product in order to write a real review. I did not get paid for posting this. All opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.**


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