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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Review: Open Invitation

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If you've ever been curious about swinging/group sex/sex parties, satisfy your voyeuristic cravings with An Open Invitation: A Real Swingers' Party in San Francisco. Follows a couple as they spice up their relationship by joining the San Francisco swinger scene, enjoying orgies, anal play, voyeurism, and use of great sex toys like the Njoy Pfun Plug and Hitachi Magic Wand. Best of all, the cast consists of 127 real-life swingers, studded with 15 porn stars, so you're sure to get a great mix of bodies, sexualities, and personalities. Includes safer sex practices, as well as discussions and definitions of polyamory and swinging.
description taken from here.

Almost everyone watches porn.  Some might not want to admit it, but almost everyone watches it, or has watched it before.  As a girl, there is nothing I hate more than watching porn and it being nothing but blow job after blow job.  It gets old and that is not something that turns me on after a while.  Therefore, I was pretty happy with Open Invitation, which had a nice variety of sexual encounters.

Open Invitation features the following:

Blow Jobs
Anal Sex
Vaginal Sex
Lesbian Sex
and more.

There is a scene for just about everyone.  Minus some BDSM, there is a little something in the movie for just about everyone out there.  What I liked about Open Invitation as well, was the fact that it held a nice plot.  You didn't start the movie with a sex scene or anything like that, instead you opened with a married couple having a conversation together after work.  But, my point is, that it managed to be a very sexy and satisfying porno while still managing to have a small story line, plot, etc.  It made the movie that much better because the people managed to actually keep up their guise of another person and story.

The scenes were good, the cast was good and the movie is only $34.  All in all, I think this porno is a real winner.  It was sexy and fun to watch.  An Open Invitation: A Real Swingers' Party in San Francisco is over 2 hours long AND has bonus features!

**I received a free product in order to write a real review. I did not get paid for posting this. All opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.**


Jessica said...

Yay for porn and the panties do look awesome but 26 wow. Such a pity I'd get them if they were cheaper.