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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Review: Afternoon Delights Kit

I love Good Vibes.  They have an awesome selection of sex toys to chose from.  Their site is clean and mellow, and I just like the customer service they provide.  They are one of my top favorite online sex toy stores to frequent.

This time around I recieved the Afternoon Delights Kit to review.

We've got your skyrockets right here! Perfect accessories for that weekend afternoon or the extra-long lunch away from the office--you won't want to stop until it gets dark when you're accessorizing your erotic adventure with delicious Smooch Me lip lube and Lust Dust Edible Body Powder, slippery and sensual Knead Me massage lotion, the arousing vibrations of a waterproof mini bullet, and sample packets of Please lubricant.

Our sensual, sexy kits are perfect presents for a night or day of romance, to take along on a trip out of town, as frisky party favors or bridesmaids' gifts. Send a sexy message or just stock up on erotic delights so you'll have them at home when the time is right! All our Good Vibes Body & Massage products are deliciously scented or flavored with natural ingredients and essential oils, so relax and indulge in your pleasures.
 description taken from here.

I recieved my kit very quickly in the mail in a nice brown box that did not indicate in any way that it was from a sex toy or adult company. 

The kit comes with:

•1 Waterproof Mini Bullet Vibrator

•1 Lust Dust Edible Body Powder 20 ml

•1 Knead Me Massage Lotion .5 oz

•1 Smooch Me Lip Lube 1 oz

•2 Please Lubricant Samples 5 ml each

and is $29.00
The mini bullet is no bigger than 1" or 1 1/2", it is very small.  It takes 3 tiny watch batteries, which it comes with, and they are very easy to put in.  For such a tiny vibe, this thing is LOUD.  Behind a closed door, a person would only hear a slight hum if they were listening for it.  However, when you are in the room with it, it is very loud.  Extremely loud for something so small.  I have much bigger vibes that create a small fraction of the noise this bullet does.

The Lust Dust comes with a mini buffer (ladies think of those old powders you would get for your makeup, those big puff balls they would stick in the tin to apply it.  This is what I'm talking about.) to apply the dust.  The dust smells like strawberries, and has a nice light taste that I enjoyed.  The Lust Dust is a sexy idea to spice things up, and I have a feeling I might be reaching for it again pretty soon.

The Smooch Me Lip Lube came in Cinnamon Spice and is full sized.  You can buy the Lip Lube on its own for just $6.50 and you have a choice of 4 different flavors: Pomegranate Mint, Cherry Vanilla, Cinnamon Spice and Mojito.  The Cinnamon Spice I received smells awesome!  Super Cinnamon-y and very much reminds me of Christmas time when we go out and buy cinnamon pine cones to make the house smell festive.  The texture is nice and smooth as well.  I like this product a lot.

The lube samples come in 2 different types.  One is a gel and the other is a cream.  I have had a sample of the cream before and liked it.  Before this kit, I had not tried the gel.  It is nice but I think I just prefer the cream texture (just personal preference).

The kit is $29.00.

**I received a free product in order to write a real review. I did not get paid for posting this. All opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.**