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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Review: Foxy Bombshell Panties

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Sexy lingerie is the perfect accent to any striptease, so seduce your sweetie with the Foxy Bombshell Panty. Silky, petal pink material flatters your curves with a hipster bikini cut, while a black bow allows you to adjust the fit (not to mention show off a little butt cleavage). And this pretty pair comes packaged in an adorable box, modeled after a dresser drawer — makes a perfect gift. Available in Small (23" - 38" hip) and Large (27" - 42" hip). Note: Due to the nature of this product, all sales are final. description taken from here.

First I want to show you guys a picture of what the panties come in.  The box is just too adorable, and they are packaged so nicely.  GUYS- This would be a perfect gift idea for your someone special and you wouldn't even have to wrap it!

The packaging.
Open the little "drawer" to get to your panties!

Ok, so now what these gorgeous panties look like:

They are made from 95% Silk and 5% Lycra.  They feel awesome on and give an immediate "lift" to any one's rear end because of the scrunching.  The Foxy Bombshell Panties come in 2 sizes only (this might be the only thing I can say badly about them).  Small and Large (although on the box if you order large it will say "Plus Size").   They are $26 for one pair of panties.

I love these panties!  Why?  1) They lift my butt which makes me feel amazing.  2) The cover really well (except for the one area at the top where there is a cut out for "butt cleavage")  3) The top area where the cut out is is super cute with the bow and super sexy with the looks  4)They are super cute 5) They are so comfortable to wear!

I think $26 for one pair of panties is a little much personally.  I love them and everything, but I don't think I would buy them for $26.  Don't get me wrong, the quality is certainly there and everything, but I just wouldn't feel comfortable spending that much money on one pair of underwear.  If it were a 2 pack, on the other hand, I would be buying them alright.  That said, I cannot say anything bad about the panties.  I truly love them and they would make a great addition for any one's pantie drawer.

**I received a free product in order to write a real review. I did not get paid for posting this. All opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.**