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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Review: Dirty Dice

Babeland is a great provider of sex toys. They offer a wide assortment for both males and females. From sexy clothing, to lubes, dildos and more, Babeland is sure to have it!

Dirty Dice is a great and cheap way (only $7!) to spice up any relationship.  It doesn't matter if you want to spice things up with your long time lover or break the ice with your newest flame, Dirty Dice is a good idea.

Whether you're a lucky lady or a gamblin' gent, this dice game will add laughter to your sex/play. One die names a body part and the other die tells you what to do with it. Favorite combinations are "suck lips" and "lick below waist".  description taken from here.

Babeland sent me the dice to review.  They arrived quickly in the mail in discreet packaging and I was pretty happy with what I saw.  The first thing I noticed about the dice is that they come with an adorable baby pink mesh bag with satin string tie.  The bag is great to store the dice in, that way you can always find both when they are needed.  The mesh material is nice too, that way you can see through the bag to know if you found what you are looking for (I own a few little bags like this with "goodies" so seeing through the bag is a nice thing).

The dice themselves are also pink, which you can see from the picture above.  One of the dice displays an action "kiss", "blow", etc.  And, the other dice directs you on where to perform the action.  The body parts are very vague.  They are "lips", "breast", "below waist" and "above waist".  For couples who are looking to spice things up, this is great to give you room to play.  On the other hand, for newer couples

this might be something too vague to care for just because of lack of direction.

The dice are lightweight.  They are made of plastic and are just $7.00.  And, just a thought, these would make great stocking stuffers since the holidays are coming up!  Treat yourself, and your loved one, to a special little treat with the Dirty Dice!

**I received a free product in order to write a real review. I did not get paid for posting this. All opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.**


Jessica said...

Haha I read that as you're reviewing Dirty Rice lol

I guess my brain is already on food :) Happy Turkey Day