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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Review: Massage Candle

Babeland is a great provider of sex toys. They offer a wide assortment for both males and females. From sexy clothing, to lubes, dildos and more, Babeland is sure to have it!

I have tried a few different massage candles before, yet the one I got from Babeland has been the hottest one so far.  And when I say hottest, I mean the hottest on the skin.  That said, it just takes a few extra seconds to cool off before you pour it onto the skin.  Of course, those of you into BDSM might not want to wait and let it cool.  Personally, I like that bit of sting from the sudden splash of hot wax on your skin, however, I do not like to feel like I am getting burned, so I let it cool just a bit before I let it drip on.

I got my candle in the scent of Mango Vanilla.  I adore mango and vanilla both so I was super excited to smell the hell out of the candle.  Without being fired up, the candle has just a slight vanilla scent.  When I started burning it was not overly fragrant either.  But when pouring it onto the skin, I had a better chance to really smell the stuff. 

The Massage Candle comes in 4 scents and 2 sizes.

Mango Vanilla
Rice Flower
Citron Fig

Sizes and Prices:
1 ounce- $6
3 ounce- $14

The shape of the candle holder is the best I have ever used.  Most are just round canisters that run everywhere, but the tilted outer lip on the holder is perfect for pouring without making any mess.  The texture is great; nice and smooth and lasts quite while. After a bit I did have to add some more onto the skin but that just means a little more of that lovely sting.

I always wipe down the skin with a warm wash cloth after using massage candles because the wax sticks to the skin and feels oily and sort of sticky against clothing.  Wash up is quick and easy, no sticking to the skin.

**I was not paid for this review.  I received a free product in order to write a real and honest review.  My opinions are 100% my own.**