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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Review: Afternoon Delights book

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Best-selling erotic author and anthology editor Alison Tyler has assembled several steamy stories of around the clock encounters. Andrea Dale serves bondage for Breakfast in Bed. Bella Dean describes a working girl’s pick-me-up in Nooner. Quinn Gabriel’s Matinee gives new meaning to an afternoon date. From predawn passion to late night lust, this timely collection takes you through 24 hours of non-stop sex! description taken from here.

Afternoon Delights is 220 pages of short stories by Alison Tyler.  The stories are really hot and steamy!  I love Erotica novels, and this was definitely an erotica.  The sex scenes were fantastic and well written.  I really liked the novel, and if anyone is looking for a new steamy book to sit on their nightstand, you should get this one.  At only $14.95, I would say this is a great price (and I buy a lot of books, so I should know!).

Overall-- The cover is hot, and the book is even hotter.  A great anthology of stories!

**I received this item in order to write a real and honest review.  I was not paid to paid to write this review.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.**