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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Review: Tricks to Please a Woman

I love Good Vibes. They have an awesome selection of sex toys to chose from. Their site is clean and mellow, and I just like the customer service they provide. They are one of my top favorite online sex toy stores to frequent.

We've been selling Jay Wiseman's Tricks books for years, and their irreverent style and oodles of practical imaginative sex tips have kept customers coming back for more. At last, he's compiled his best tricks and tips for pleasing women into one handy, attractive volume. These techniques range from simple tricks like a move that enhances doggie-style sex to more advanced skills such as using a toothbrush for some very specific sensation play.  description taken from here

Tricks to Please a Woman is a 160 page book and is priced at $13.95.  I had heard some amazing things about Jay Wiseman, who has a variety of books out on the market (2 more of which are also available at Good Vibes!), so I naturally wanted to take a look at one of his books.

I am a straight woman, and I thought that maybe this book could not only hand men a few tricks to please us better, but also to hand me a few ideas of what would I like that I haven't thought of, or what could I suggest to try/do.

The book offers about 1-2 tricks per page on average, with 125 tricks in total.  Some of the ideas are ok, but others are pretty much worthless.  Now, I'm not saying that just because I am a woman, I'm saying it because the book gives you advice on how to clean your toys (which we should all already know how to do) and on some safe sex practices (which we should also already know about).  By telling people what they should already know, it seems that the information is just "stuffing", something to fill the pages with to make the book longer.  Some of the other tricks just seemed like common sense things as well.

Overall--  I wouldn't waste my money on the book.

**I received this item in order to write a real and honest review.  I was not paid to paid to write this review.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.**