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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Eden Fantasy's new program

So sorry everyone!  Life has been hectic, but new reviews will be posted soon for everyone to enjoy.  In the mean time, I have something to share with you all..

Eden Fantasys has a new program where you can get gift cards to their site (for anything you want) just by commenting on their site!!

Yes, it really is that easy.  No joke.  This is how it works:

Step 1: Sign up for an account.

Step 2: Comment on a review. OR vote on a review, etc.  There are a bunch of ways to earn points!

Step 3: Once you points, you can redeem them!

Some actions (voting, etc) are worth more points than others.  Each point is worth 0.01  Yes, that doesn't sound like a lot.  But, I did just a few actions for 2 days now, and I already have almost $4.  You do not need a certain number of points to redeem either!  You could have a penny and you could redeem it. 

I think this is an awesome system and will definitely be frequenting their site a lot more than usual so I can earn some FREE gift cards!