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Friday, May 10, 2013

Review: Mood Arousal Gels

 I bought my Mood Arousal Gels from  I wanted to try out a few different arousal gels since my usual one was out of stock so I decided to try the Mood gels.  It is pretty cool because they come in a pack of 3 with "heat levels" and are only $10.99.  So, going over the three gels, we have: (1) warm, (2) tingle, and (3) intensity.  Each of the containers are 2ozs each.

- Strawberry Flavored

A really nice tingly sensation that actually created a warmth that started at my clitoris and soon flowed all the way down to my core.  It actually didn't taste too bad.  Usually I find strawberry flavored toys/lubes to be gross but this one wasn't too bad.

- Mint Flavored

The mint tasted pretty good and did have a nice tingly sensation.  It also created a sense of warmth like the previously mentioned lube, but definitely not as much.  If anyone has tried the Intimate Organics Intense then you have an idea of what the Tingle felt like.  It pricks your senses and makes your nerve endings more obvious to you.  Tingle is a different version of the Intimate Organics, but you can get a slight idea of what I am talking about.

- Spicy Cinnamon Flavored

The intensity really is intense, and that is coming from me.  My boyfriend decided he was going to use it everywhere.  I bought it to use as an arousal gel for my clit because I am not the most sensitive person in the world.  Instead, my man decided to use it as a lube and smothered me in it.  You Do Not Want To Do That!!!  At first, it was ok and it felt really good on my clit.  HOWEVER, it does not feel as nice when it is shoved inside you.  After we were done doing the horizontal tango, we were laying down and a minute later he starts saying 'oh my god, it burns."  I asked him what the hell he was talking about and he said it felt like his penis had been shoved into the home of red ants.  I also felt the burning inside myself but it apparently wasn't as painful as his burning sensations.  I was not about to even try to taste the lube in fear that my tongue would be on fire as I hate spicy things.  The burning aside, it did feel good on my clit and you can always have a wet towel on standby if you start feeling a burning sensation.  Lesson learned here: do not use this as a lube.  My boyfriend learned that one quickly.
Would I buy these again?

Probably not.  But, in the mean time, I will continue to use and enjoy them.  For anyone wanting to try out different arousal gels, or maybe you're looking for your first gels... You might want to try it since it does have three different gels and is well priced at only $11.



**I bought this product with my own money.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.**