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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Review: Plushy Gear Lover’s Eye Mask

I bought my Plushy Gear Lover’s Eye Mask at .  The mask only comes in black and is $10.  The blindfold is made out of polyester fabric with an elastic band used to stretch around the head.  The mask is 8 inches long and 3 1/4 inches wide

It is a simple, nice cushy blindfold.  When I took a look at the elastic band though, I was worried it might be too big, it looked quite large.  However, it fit nicely and can stretch plenty bigger if needed.

However, it did not contort fully to my face, allowing a chunk of light to be seen where the side of my nose is.  If I am going to wear a blindfold, then I want to be blind to the world only able to think about the sensations going through me, you know?  I did try to adjust it several different ways, but to no avail did I find a solution to my little issue. That was my only issue with the blindfold.  For the price and quality, I think it's great.  I will probably reach for the blindfold in the future, but I would also like to find another that might work a bit better for me.  But then again, variety is a wonderful thing. : )

If need be, the mask can be washed in room temperature water with a drop of mild laundry detergent.  The polyester fabric can take a low heat ironing if needed.